Tuition & Prices

Students are given one-to-one tuition within the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of my purpose built music studio. Most students book hour-long lessons and it’s not unusual for them to stay a little longer without extra charge. I never charge any student for his or her very first introductory lesson. All my lessons are informal so it’s O.K with me if you come from home or come straight from work whether you work on a farm or in an office; it really doesn’t matter – the lessons are about you learning to play guitar.

Typical students are…

well there isn’t a typical student. The only commonality between each student is the love for music and will to learn. Some of my students are young, some middle aged and others older. My eldest student is over 60 and my youngest around 10 years old. I teach people from many different backgrounds and of various levels of ability. Indeed, it’s easier to teach a total beginner than someone who’s practiced alone for several years and picked up a few bad habits along the way.


Introductory Lesson: Free

Typically lasts between one and two hours. It’s at this point that we get to learn about one and other while drinking lots of free tea and coffee (a regular feature of all lessons). At the end of this lesson you will know whether my teaching style suits you and I will know how best to teach you to play your guitar and how long it will take for you to strum your first tune. You will not leave this lesson until you can strum your first chord.

Regular Lessons: £20 per hour

Most lessons last an hour although it’s not uncommon for them to last an extra 20 to 25 minutes without additional charge. The content of these lessons really does depend on you, what you already know and your current skill level. Contact me by phone to discuss your needs.

Jamming Session: £5

We have a Friday Night Jamming session every week. All students are invited to come along and get involved. They’re enjoyable nights that help develop rhythm, skill and confidence. The five pounds goes toward the cost of electricity and refreshments.


As well as the lessons given in the studio we’re often asked to perform in local pubs. You’re welcome to come along even if just to observe us having a laugh.

The kettle’s always on so why not pop in for a chat to discuss your guitar playing needs.

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